Individual: $175.00 per session

Couples: $200.00 per session

Families: $250.00 per session

Breathwork $  100.00 per session

Hypnotherapy $100.00 per session

Most individual counseling sessions last approximately one hour. Longer periods can be arranged, although in my experience, a one-hour session per week has been effective. In some cases twice a week is beneficial, particularly in the beginning. I will do telephone consultations after a minimum of two in-person sessions.  Couples sessions follow a similar pattern.

For families I do “in home” counseling. In other words, I make house calls.  I have found that for families, counseling in a familiar environment has proven most effective, and what is more familiar than your own home?  Family counseling is a two-hour minimum. This gives me an opportunity to work with each family member individually and explore each person’s feelings and concerns. I am then more effective when working with the family as a whole.

For questions and or more information you may email me or call me at 949-939-1623. And I also do face to face with Skype or Facetime. I will usually respond within twenty-four hours.