AraJeJeBilly Woods, holds a Doctorate in Psychology, a Master’s in Education, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology.  He is certified as a Transactional Analysis Counselor, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Rebirther. He currently works with individuals, couples, families, and children and is one of the few Psychologist who does “House Calls”.  In addition to his other professional duties, Billy is a professor of Psychology at Saddleback College where he teaches potential counselors to work with dysfunctional families and special populations.

Billy has developed and uses a very unique form of counseling that he has named “HeartSight Therapy”. HeartSight Therapy is not pathology based.  On the contrary, HeartSight Therapy uses a completely opposite approach, using what is “right” or well with the client -as opposed to what is “wrong” with the client – and building on that.

Billy has been working in the field of counseling for over twenty-five years.  He started his counseling career in the Military where he worked with men and women suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of fighting in the Vietnam War.

Billy has also developed and leads a seminar exclusively for women entitled, Going There, A Seminar for Women, designed to help women get in touch with their true value, beauty, and power.

For more information, questions, or if you would like to make an appointment,  email Billy at