going there seminarGoing There, A Seminar for Women was conceived and created by me after some women I had been counseling approached me. They suggested that I create a one-day event designed specifically for women. The following may answer some of the questions you may have. Do not hesitate to call me for more information.                                               

Q and A

Q: What was the motivation behind creating “Going There: A Seminar for Women?”

A:  To support women in recognizing their true worth and to help them understand that they don’t have to “settle”.  I want to help women recognize that they can have what they want and that they deserve it. Too often women feel that they must give to others, putting themselves last. Our society promotes the idea that women must nurture and care for others. The idea of the seminar is to show women that they are also entitled to be nurtured and cared for in return.

Q: How long is the seminar?

A: It is a one-day seminar starting at 09:30 AM and ending at approximately 07:00PM. There are periodic bathroom breaks during the course of the seminar and a one to a one and a half-hour lunch break.

Q: How does someone who intends to come to the seminar prepare for it?

A: The easiest way to “prepare” for it is to come with an open mind and no expectations. Come with a willingness to be open to opportunity, opportunity to bring about change in your life and opportunity to learn about who you are and how you have been “showing up” in the world.

Q: Can you describe some of the processes that you use to help women access their “true self”?

A:  Most of the processes have to do with building self-esteem and learning to love the self.  Other processes focus on uprooting women’s deep-seated thoughts about other women.  Learning how to say “No” is another process that gives women the opportunity to state their boundaries and to say “no” to everything that is asked of them without guilt.  Other processes allow the women in my seminar to analyze the role they play as women out in the world, the masks that they wear.

Q: In your opinion, which processes do you think the women in your seminar benefit from the most?

A: I believe that the processes are cumulative.  They build on each other with a synergistic effect.

For more information and a schedule on, Going There, A Seminar for Women, or if you would like to produce the seminar in your area please contact me.

Going There

A Seminar for Women

Facilitated by

B.AraJeJe Woods, Ph.D.